Stainless steel halo lit letters for our UK client, this is 304 polished stainless steel, the effect is very good so I just want to share with you, the “whats” is 1000mm length, with 3cm thickness, material is white epoxy resin in the back, with blue leds. also the weight is 16kg includes the wooden case so by our UPS forwarder from Guangzhou to United Kindom is only $123USD! Just give you an idea we have good contacts with good freight cost price, and help you to save money as well.

Brushed stainless steel letters, back-lit stainless steel for the uk local store fronts, we are the stainless steel channel letters manufacturer for many local uk stainless steel suppliers and makers! Including Berkshire stainless steel letters, London stainless steel manufacturers, Glasgow stainless steel manufacturers, Cardiff stainless steel manufacturers, Winchester stainless steel manufacturers, Liverpool stainless steel manufacturers…


stainless steel letters


back-lit stainless steel letters


back-lit illuminated channel letters


stainless steel signages


These stainless steel letters are with good quality for architectural signs, we provide a sign manufacturing service. We believe that when looking for a supplier who can supply architectural signs it is important that you can deal with someone who specialises in this field of the sign and display industry. We are focus on CNC machining and fabrication of the stainless steel letters.

If you have any more question about our products dont hesitate to contact me ok? I will reply to you quick and can also give you my professional suggestions! Because we are looking for long term partnership, also communication is very important, we will help you to make all these steps easier!