Neon VS Led Signs

Neon sign has a long history and its the art of the night sight, compare to led sign, which is better? I will help you to analyse both of them.



neon signs vs led signs


The Neon light signs was first used mostly in the nightclub, so the outdoor neon sign will always make you feel charming and overwhelmed with joy. With the development of the city, neon sign had been widely used in all kinds of field, you can find such as neon restaurant sign, neon store sign anywhere.

Price of neon sign making vary according to different design, there are many sign companies out there, you have to choose carefully and pick the best one, superior quality with considerable price.

Led sign technology is improving after many years, led sign vs neon sign, the advantage is lighting more efficient also save more power & with long lifetime, led sign is safe and good for environment.

On the other hand, neon sign is cheaper. Nowadays, there are so many antique neon signs here and there, but neon sign repair is not worthy the laybor if it’s in developed countries like Australia, United States, United Kindom and many other European countries. It will cost more if you using the illuminated neon signs.

At last, from the points I stated above, neon signs vs led signs, led signs win in the long run. Plus, there is a newfound high quality led signs, click here to learn more about led epoxy signs, or click here to get a free sample.