It’s not easy to find a good led letters company or led sign factory, especially high quality with a condierable price. I will tell you some tips about finding a good led signs company.

First, you must know about your clients, if your clients’ projects is high grade, they will choose some new and best ways in the led sign industry, and will not condider the price much.

Second, you should go to the led sign manufacturer workshop and get know more about the general situation, like the production capacity, quality control, lighted sign environment of the supplier.

Third, find out the types of the led signs they can make, get know to their work flow of making led display, led letters, this can extend both of your business cooperation of the led signages.

At last, if you need a large quantity, the best way is to source the led signs or led display in China, it’s much cheaper and will save you lot’s of money, by the way there are many new techs come out in the industry of led sign. There is a new products of led sign which was made from epoxy resin, if you want to find out more or want to get a led sign sample for free, contact us.