The first thing you see when you go into a store, it is signs. It has not surprising that companies increasingly seek to differentiate themselves with unique and attractive signs. So much so that the electrical industry commercial signage is now estimated at over 2 billion dollars in the United States. Channel letter signs are prominent.

Channel letter signs in particular, have gained popularity in recent years. Neon or LED lamps are used to illuminate channel letters are made to stand out from the building. Chain letters are usually made of aluminum which makes them very light and versatile, while still being able to withstand high winds and numerous conditions. For a soft glow of Nice, the lamps are installed in the rear channels and letters are the new trend.


Backlit channel letters signs


acrylic storefront letters

Channel Letters are normally constructed of aluminum sides and back and include faces that are colored acrylic. When these letters are illuminated from inside with LED lights, or two, he was face lit up. Constructed from aluminum and the back is made of polycarbonate, halo lit channel are considered as letters to the opposite side illuminated letters in the sign industry supply.

There are two mounting methods for channel letters on raceway or direct mounting. When the letters are affixed to an aluminum box called a raceway which is then affixed to the wall of a building, he was appointed Raceway assembly. Power supplies and son were all placed in the box Raceway. When the channel letters are attached directly to the building, he became the mount. Holes must be drilled in the wall to feed the wire and attach it to a power supply inside. While the assembly line may offer to sign a cleaner look, Raceway assembly is easier to install and maintain.

Illuminate the letters were only a selection until very recently and it was neon. But now, channel letters can be lit using LED lights. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, many companies choose to have their neon signs using LED lights. A string of LED lights is placed at the rear of the chain letter and it can be put in place to provide spectacular lighting effects. LED lamps are very efficient and amazingly light that will allow your storefront sign to stand out from the crowd. A range of colors can be used to illuminate channel letters. Red is the most popular and the cheapest option for the moment in case of LED lights. The next most popular selection is the color white.

Channel letter signs supply your company with 24 hours a day, but the awareness of customers are considered somewhat more expensive than more traditional options. They will be visible from beyond the options symbol and attract passersby throughout the day. Additional sales and increase brand recognition may be the result of the use of these signs. In the end, the ultimate goal of any business: to get more customers through their doors.

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