The Teamall Arena in Guangzhou city has incorporated LED channel letters modules from us into its new signage.


led channel letters – Toyota

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led channel lettering

We helped the Teamall Arena in Guangzhou City, China, to upgrade its exterior signage and promote its name by installing channel letters illumination and led epoxy letters illumination. They wanted to choose the high intensity and uniform light beams of an LED light source as a low voltage upgrade from traditional neon and fluorescent lighting. The new system led sign gives this arena with long hours of operation with low power consumption, low maintenance, easy installation, high reliability, water resistance, and optimum heat management.

With the led channel letters illumination, together with arena sign builder we really did a great job, and led epoxy letters make this arena to a different level. If you have projects need to be done, feel free to send us the file of your led signages to quote.