Visibility: Making your sign visible is essential. The text size, color and contrast all have a role to play in the way your sign or message displays itself. You don’t have to suffer if you are limited for space, you can make small changes in color or contrast that make a big difference in the overall image.

Readability: You sign has to easily readable so as to get its point across. Studies have shown that black letters on a yellow background and vice versa have the greatest impact on readability, thus you have all major caution traffic signage in these colors. Many other combinations work well and can be used to make a colorful sign design. Here, we will help you choose the best combo to fit you needs.

Getting Noticed: Sometimes all it takes is a simple color or size change to get noticed. A lot of times signs tend to get blocked out or Faded into the background due its being there a long time. Sometimes a simple change can get you noticed again.

Legibility: Making sure you sign is legible is very important. Correct space and format can make a big difference in organization and can be the main difference when you have a limited amount of time to get you message across.


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