Here’s how to choose the right open sign for your business or shop front. Today, store front owners can choose classic open signs for the shop front alongside nontraditional designs, including LED open signs.


1) For a traditional business, consider a traditional horizontal or vertical Open sign.
The traditional sign spells “Open” in block red led letters with a blue led rectangle around the outside edge of the letters.

2) For a cafe, hair salon, or contemporary business, go with the newly famous “Open” in purple block letters with a green border.

3) You may want to consider an LED open sign. LED open signs can be successful in certain applications. However, the often carry the reputation of being “Espresso stand” or “mall kiosk” signs. Be careful when using these signs in the window of a major business or retailer.

4) If you buy an LED “Open” sign, set it to burn on a steady setting.
Use of a blinking LED “Open” sign is not recommended for a restaurant, cafe, or other “serious” business. Because the letters blink and light one by one, someone driving by may actually think the sign is off or broken.