Hi everybody, thanks for keeping an eye of our blog, today I will introduce you a high class led signs, it’s a new technology, it will be the trends for the next 10 years.

No matter you are looking for a indoor led sign or outdoor led signs, this kind of high class led signs will definitely match your needs, that is led epoxy sign, today I will show you the concept, this illuminated signs will brighten your shop front and outsmart the other shops which are using neon signs.

It can be used on window as well, led window sign is also a good idea for your coffee shop or wine bar especially on the aquarium glass, this high class led signs will make your place more charming.

Here is the difference and advantage of  the high class led signs.


New way of making led signs



Old way of making signs


Now you should understand the difference, using epoxy instead of acrylic, it’s a revolution of making led signs. Feel free to contact me if you got any new idea or technology of making led signs or electronic led signs or led sign board.