Channel letter signs are one of the most effective way to show your business name, prominently illuminated. Since each letter is illuminated individually, unlike a host of similar looking signboards, there are no chances of your business identity being lost. The letters are made of metallic channels, constructed from stainless steel or Aluminum. Aluminum is preferable, as its weight is more light and does not rust.

Basically there are three types of channel letters – standard, reverse and open. Standard channel letters are made from colored Plexiglas over neon in aluminum or steel channel. Reverse channel letters, the lighting comes from behind the letters. The letters have metallic faces and sides and a clear plastic backing and are mounted against the wall of the building. These create optimum effect in the night and are also called halo-lit signs. The third type of channel letter signs is called open channel letters. They are not really open, but have a clear plastic front that exposes the insides of the channel letter.

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