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Stainless Steel Led Letters

LED Lettering Stainless steel

Alloy steel is 304# grade of these stainless steel led letters, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion and tarnishing fighting effectively in most circumstances. In addition, “gold” finish is available for titanium coated stainless steel. This material is made of 304 stainless steel coated with a thin layer of titanium tinted. Because the manufacturing process, the edge of all the faces on the letters and logos are fine lines set # 304 stainless which will be buffed smooth polished on letters or pat on the letters in satin to maintain consistency in appearance. Of course 316 grade is also available, 316 grade stainless steel led letters is good for store front signs which near the seaside, 316 grade stainless steel can resist the corrosion caused by erosion of rainwater.

led letters stainless steel

led letters stainless steel

Polished 304 grade stainless steel led letters with back lighting

No Matters your project requires a single directional brushed/polished stainless steel or stainless steel coated with premium titanium, we will produce the lettering according to your specifications. If you don’t have a artwork file of your led letters, we can design it for you as well, we use precision-guided lasers or routers to cut the letterings per your request, logo or any shape from the stainless steel sheet or titanium-coated stainless steel sheet. The Stainless steel returns are produced from cut to size 304 sheet, laser cutting polished faces to produce letters, then we use silver solder to soldering the letterings.

This is how to make the fabricated stainless steel letters with led illuminated.

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Shop Fascia Signs and Side Lit Letters

Manufacturing Shop Front Signs for Restaurants and chain stores. Shop front sign was produced using side lit effect fabricated letters. backlit signs is really nice and make you feel more high class. Especially for jewelry stores backlit signs, watch stores halo lit shop front signs.


Side Lit Letters Side Lighting Letters


Back Lighting Letters

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Yacht Signs and Boat Letterings

Yacht Illuminated Signs is the symbol of your boat, lettering for boats with vary options, boat vinyl lettering, boat graphics, wood signs and manu more. Usually the lettering for the boat name or your yacht, 3d boat lettering is a better option, it makes your boat looks more outstanding and elegant, a good pick for the decoration for boat, we also provide boat name design and manufacturing, as long as you present your idea what you want your boat looks like. Boat Backlit Stainless Steel lettering is also looks good.

Yacht Signs

Boat Signs

Illuminated Signs Yacht

Boat Lettering


Yacht Signs

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Large Sign Letters Maker

This outdoor sign letters is very large, about 8 meters in length, the finish is aluminum, this aluminum sign letters can last for many years, especially we use cree leds. We provide the best solution to our client, also do installation of the metal sign letters, this kind of lighted outdoor sign is for a game center building, its also suitable as an theater sign letters.


LED Sign Letters


Sign Letters Manufacturer

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UK Led Halo Lit Channel Letters | Back Lit Signages Manufacturer

Stainless steel halo lit letters for our UK client, this is 304 polished stainless steel, the effect is very good so I just want to share with you, the “whats” is 1000mm length, with 3cm thickness, material is white epoxy resin in the back, with blue leds. also the weight is 16kg includes the wooden case so by our UPS forwarder from Guangzhou to United Kindom is only $123USD! Just give you an idea we have good contacts with good freight cost price, and help you to save money as well.

Brushed stainless steel letters, back-lit stainless steel for the uk local store fronts, we are the stainless steel channel letters manufacturer for many local uk stainless steel suppliers and makers! Including Berkshire stainless steel letters, London stainless steel manufacturers, Glasgow stainless steel manufacturers, Cardiff stainless steel manufacturers, Winchester stainless steel manufacturers, Liverpool stainless steel manufacturers…


stainless steel letters


back-lit stainless steel letters


back-lit illuminated channel letters


stainless steel signages


These stainless steel letters are with good quality for architectural signs, we provide a sign manufacturing service. We believe that when looking for a supplier who can supply architectural signs it is important that you can deal with someone who specialises in this field of the sign and display industry. We are focus on CNC machining and fabrication of the stainless steel letters.

If you have any more question about our products dont hesitate to contact me ok? I will reply to you quick and can also give you my professional suggestions! Because we are looking for long term partnership, also communication is very important, we will help you to make all these steps easier!

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Latest “OMEGA project” LED Illuminated sign for store front

Here I am glad to let you know that we get a project to produce 60 OMEGA signages for an Australia company, the material is “led epoxy resin” and stainless steel. these signages will be used at the OMEGA stores in many cities. It is extremely beautiful and lighting more uniform/even, attract the customers and the decoration make the stores or building more elegant.

Energy saving led sign, it is good for company logo, and building mark and signages, especially hotel signs or logo, this led epoxy resin sign shining in day and lighting uniform.


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LED Sign project for Building

Looks, it is fantastic, here is the effect picture of the led signs, this signage is for a client specialized in building material industry. I believe that this high quality led signs made in China will meet the needs of public bidding for hotel sign projects, no matter interior or exterior. This high quality led signs will make your place looks more high class and make people feel luxury.


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China LED Moving Signs

LED Moving Signs can attract the customers in a deeper way.

The led moving message signs will keep scrolling, you can use the controller to make it the lighting way you want, here is the effect picture for one of our clients, will will post the led moving lettering projects to you. Take a look at the effect pictures first.


The led was made in China, of course you can use CREE or NICHIA as per your request.

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led signs | fantanstic outdoor & indoor led channel signs projects

led channel signs

You have been to the right place, we do outdoor and indoor led channel signs, well you know one of the best way of catching the eyes of customers is using led luminous signs, because the led light can draw their attention. Besides, they will keep in mind that there is a shopfront with the led screens or channel signs illuminated with led which will make them impressed.


led signs-the coffee bean


led lunimous displays

These led channel signs look extremely lighting uniform and even, also there is no color fading and can last very long time, it is easy to install, led sign lighting looks good, isn’t it better than the led open signs? And not to mention the neon signs? Yes you will say neon letters will be much cheaper, but led signs can save more electricity.

Finally to remind you that we are  led channel signs manufacturer, we can help your firm or shops to make the customized led channels letters.

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Channel Signs makers can also come here to to find led signs idea they like to use. makes it easy for LED Signage manufacturers to find and select the lighting way they want to use by viewing pictures of each 3d lighted letters. We grow with Signage makers as they find the old LED acrylic letters they used to lighted aren't challenging and charming enough for them anymore. They can easily step up to another type of led signs at any time they are ready. even has the most popular side-lit letters currently available and are proud to offer you the newest ones as they are designed. Sharpen up your sense of making letters with LED by viewing it online.

If you enjoyed our signs why don't you try some work flow samples, join the workshop in some quality third dimension letters good for all fields, Very recommended! If you are more into business we urge you to try and use led epoxy sign, you will find lots of suprise for lighting uniform there! Step right up and enjoy some illuminated channel letters, suited for the young and old!

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