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Digital Printing VS. Metal Letters VS. Neon Signs VS. LED Vertical Letters

LED Vertical Letters is becoming more and more popular in LED sign industry in Europe and United States, then widely used in Asia area like Hongkong and Taiwan. the led vertical signs have a strong third dimension effect and bright colors when in day time, the lettering is bright and looks elegant at night time. Now some big cities like Beijing, Shanghai ang Guangzhou, this kind of LED vertical letters was popular used in the shop front or some buildings.

Why the LED vertical letters so popular? Then we must start from the advertising signs. Now the advertising signs market was occupied by three types, that is digital printing, metal letters and neon signs. So what is their disadvantages? First, the inventing of digital printing is mainly used for producing large advertising promoting pictures. When digital printing was used in some promoting advertising pictures at outdoor, it will make other feels that its generous. But later it was also used at the shop front which is somehow ridiculous. What’s more, the price is much lower than before, it seems like that it will back out of the market.

While metal letters with several decades of history, when in day time it doesnt make you feel the strong third dimension effect, and when at night it is unclear, so it had to use spot light to lighten it, which is wasting much more electric power.

Neon Sign, with more than 100 years history, though it’s very bright at night, but it looks untidy at day time, and the installing is not easy as well, costing electric power and the lighting source is easily broken, short working life time.

LED Vertical Letters
Its appearing change the visual of people, giving out a fresh and pleasant feeling. Normally it was made of acrylic and gavanized zinc. There is also one much more superior, that is LED epoxy sign, the mini size can reach 13mm only, depth with 15mm, suit for the indoor high class club, building signages.

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China LED Sign Industry with Good Prospect!

The 5th Beijing International LED Exposition 2009 was hold in china international exhibition center on May 6, this expo provide a good platform for communication, negotiation and cooperation for the attending companies, led sign industry in China with a good prospect, besides this exposition, the World Exposition 2010 Shanghai is coming soon, so the the bidding cases will be more and more for the led illuminated sign and led lighted displays.

Looks back in Beijing 2008 games, the business opportunity worthy of 5 billion RMB, the expo 2010 Shanghai was estimated worthy more than 1 billion RMB market value. When in 2010, the LED industry will be worthy more than 150 billion RMB.

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