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Illuminated Channel Letters Manufacturer

Are you looking for the high quality manufacturer of illuminated channel letters, lighted channel letters and lighted sign letters, again I would like to indroduce you the amazing new product in this industry, save more power and you will find these illuminated sign letters are extremely bright at night, lighting more uniform than the traditional neon signs, illuminated signs and signs letters is our strong, you can view the samples on the right side, most of them is led channel letters and signs lettering of course we also do led metal letters.

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Australia High Quality Led Letters

We work for many Australian Sign Manufacturers, the illuminated letters is high quality, we manufacturer many led letters for Australia, city like brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, it can be used for the hotel logo, or even bank,  these high quality channel letters can be front lit or back-lit, but you need to know this is a new product, if you want to find  Signs – Wholesalers &/or Manufacturers in Sydney, contact us will be better, we are in Guangzhou, China. Which is much cheaper with the same quality, and please also see the photos gallary of this products. Also you can buy a sample to show to your clients.

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How to Choose The High Quality LED Open Sign For Your Business

Here’s how to choose the right open sign for your business or shop front. Today, store front owners can choose classic open signs for the shop front alongside nontraditional designs, including LED open signs.


1) For a traditional business, consider a traditional horizontal or vertical Open sign.
The traditional sign spells “Open” in block red led letters with a blue led rectangle around the outside edge of the letters.

2) For a cafe, hair salon, or contemporary business, go with the newly famous “Open” in purple block letters with a green border.

3) You may want to consider an LED open sign. LED open signs can be successful in certain applications. However, the often carry the reputation of being “Espresso stand” or “mall kiosk” signs. Be careful when using these signs in the window of a major business or retailer.

4) If you buy an LED “Open” sign, set it to burn on a steady setting.
Use of a blinking LED “Open” sign is not recommended for a restaurant, cafe, or other “serious” business. Because the letters blink and light one by one, someone driving by may actually think the sign is off or broken.

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The structure of LED Signs filled with epoxy resin

It is made up of three major parts: framework, filled raw material, and lamp house. Its framework shape use injected plastic ABS or welded metal plate material. The filled raw materials are the liquid resin through casting shape. The lamp house is the super bright LED.

Its framework guaranteed the filled materials casting and solid shape, also reflex effectively inner light to avoid light leaking. The filled materials guaranteed the light penetration and even spreading. LED and electric circuits are installed under the letters. Through the solidified epoxy resin, LED light bring transmission, refraction, reflection, to reach excellent diffuse effect, and the light remains its brightness and uniformity during the resin penetration process. The finished products have smooth surface, complete structure. The luminous surface give out uniform and bright, colorful light, it has no joggle joint mark with the framework.


led letters filled with epoxy resin



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How many LED Signs can you find in Japan’s Ginza

This is a question, how many led signs are there in Tokyo’s Ginza, I believe that there are more LED signs than neon there. The cylindrical building is called the “San-Ai Building” which is located on the corner of Ginza-Dori Avenue and Harumi-Dori Street. Sure there are many led display as well.


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The Best Led Signs Company | Illuminated Sign Manufacturer | Lighted Sign Supplier

It’s not easy to find a good led letters company or led sign factory, especially high quality with a condierable price. I will tell you some tips about finding a good led signs company.

First, you must know about your clients, if your clients’ projects is high grade, they will choose some new and best ways in the led sign industry, and will not condider the price much.

Second, you should go to the led sign manufacturer workshop and get know more about the general situation, like the production capacity, quality control, lighted sign environment of the supplier.

Third, find out the types of the led signs they can make, get know to their work flow of making led display, led letters, this can extend both of your business cooperation of the led signages.

At last, if you need a large quantity, the best way is to source the led signs or led display in China, it’s much cheaper and will save you lot’s of money, by the way there are many new techs come out in the industry of led sign. There is a new products of led sign which was made from epoxy resin, if you want to find out more or want to get a led sign sample for free, contact us.


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Neon vs Led Sign | Which is Better?

Neon VS Led Signs

Neon sign has a long history and its the art of the night sight, compare to led sign, which is better? I will help you to analyse both of them.



neon signs vs led signs


The Neon light signs was first used mostly in the nightclub, so the outdoor neon sign will always make you feel charming and overwhelmed with joy. With the development of the city, neon sign had been widely used in all kinds of field, you can find such as neon restaurant sign, neon store sign anywhere.

Price of neon sign making vary according to different design, there are many sign companies out there, you have to choose carefully and pick the best one, superior quality with considerable price.

Led sign technology is improving after many years, led sign vs neon sign, the advantage is lighting more efficient also save more power & with long lifetime, led sign is safe and good for environment.

On the other hand, neon sign is cheaper. Nowadays, there are so many antique neon signs here and there, but neon sign repair is not worthy the laybor if it’s in developed countries like Australia, United States, United Kindom and many other European countries. It will cost more if you using the illuminated neon signs.

At last, from the points I stated above, neon signs vs led signs, led signs win in the long run. Plus, there is a newfound high quality led signs, click here to learn more about led epoxy signs, or click here to get a free sample.


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High Class | High Grade LED Signs | Difference between led epoxy signs

Hi everybody, thanks for keeping an eye of our blog, today I will introduce you a high class led signs, it’s a new technology, it will be the trends for the next 10 years.

No matter you are looking for a indoor led sign or outdoor led signs, this kind of high class led signs will definitely match your needs, that is led epoxy sign, today I will show you the concept, this illuminated signs will brighten your shop front and outsmart the other shops which are using neon signs.

It can be used on window as well, led window sign is also a good idea for your coffee shop or wine bar especially on the aquarium glass, this high class led signs will make your place more charming.

Here is the difference and advantage of  the high class led signs.


New way of making led signs



Old way of making signs


Now you should understand the difference, using epoxy instead of acrylic, it’s a revolution of making led signs. Feel free to contact me if you got any new idea or technology of making led signs or electronic led signs or led sign board.


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