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LED Halo Effect Stainless Steel Channel Letters

Stainless Steel Letters with halo effect, back-lit stainless steel signs, you can see its very small and with good effect, it is about 65cm height, thickness is 2.5cm

halo-effect1 halo-effect4

Back-lit Stainless Steel Letters

halo-effect3 halo-effect2

Halo lit Stainless Steel Letters

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Channel Letters for Shopfront

Yes this led channel letters is exactly what you are looking for the shopfront use, many bear brand like Carlsberg is looking for this kind of products as well, it’s not like the open sign, so boring, everyone know the shop is open, why not just customize a channel letters logo for the shop. It can not only tell people the shop is open but also attract your customers, as I always said, it’s with superior quality.


The letters can be made of stainless or galvanized iron, stainless steel channel letters will looks more high class and best quality. Like in Brisbane Australia, the channel letters is with more strict requirements. Led Sign is also our strong as well. Please browse our Photo Gallery of our illuminated channel letters.

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Backlit letters, Backlit signs

The channel letters backlit with white LEDS was designed as backlit letters, fabricated from steel sheet with soldered returns. It is also called as halo lit letters have light exposed in the back only. Surface is treated by galvanized iron, finished with two pack acrylate paint, it can be also capped with stainless steel, brass, copper or titanium covers, the lighted letters are backlit with white, high power LEDs.

And you can have different color with translucent vinyl, mounted on the facade using zinc plated steel rods. The LEDs are powered by a 12V transformer, the signs are switched on by an hour switch.

backlit letters

letters back lit

Stainless Steel Backlit Letters

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Led Channel Letters

The Teamall Arena in Guangzhou city has incorporated LED channel letters modules from us into its new signage.


led channel letters – Toyota

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led channel lettering

We helped the Teamall Arena in Guangzhou City, China, to upgrade its exterior signage and promote its name by installing channel letters illumination and led epoxy letters illumination. They wanted to choose the high intensity and uniform light beams of an LED light source as a low voltage upgrade from traditional neon and fluorescent lighting. The new system led sign gives this arena with long hours of operation with low power consumption, low maintenance, easy installation, high reliability, water resistance, and optimum heat management.

With the led channel letters illumination, together with arena sign builder we really did a great job, and led epoxy letters make this arena to a different level. If you have projects need to be done, feel free to send us the file of your led signages to quote.


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